MunSoft Data Recovery Suite

MunSoft Data Recovery Suite 2.0

A tool allowing you to recover deleted or corrupted files
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MunSoft Data Recovery Suite is a bundle of 6 programs allowing you to recover files and fix a large variety of corrupted files. Each of these 6 tools has its own function: Easy Digital Photo Recovery allows you to find and recover photos using algorithms to restore missing parts of the images. Easy Drive Data Recovery can restore any deleted files, and features a search function, useful if you're looking for a specific file. Easy Office Recovery can recover and fix corrupted Office files: this program will try to recover as much data as possible. It also allows you to preview most of the documents before recovering them. Easy Access Recovery enables you to recover and fix corrupted Microsoft Access databases; this utility uses algorithms to restore as much data as possible. Easy Mail Recovery can recover lost email and email databases from the Microsoft Outlook software. It can also recover attachments with e-mails. Easy Archive Recovery allows you to fix corrupted ZIP and RAR archives to recover the data in. You can also see a preview of files before recovering, this avoids you to recover unwanted data.
The 6 programs are efficient, easy to use, have the same interface, and you can preview files before recovering them. This program is a good deal to recover files but it is overpriced.

John Static
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  • The 6 programs have the same interface to easily get used to them
  • Efficient


  • Overpriced
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